And why it is extremely hard to leave Islam …

The 23rd of May was the last day of the Arabic month of “Ramadan”. In that month I “fasted” from dawn to sunset for 30 consecutive days, and yes, not even water is allowed !

Islam is a tough religion…

Mental health advice from an introvert


  1. Build positive habits
  2. Reduce negativity in your life
  3. Mindfulness, self-talk & optimism
  4. Health & fitness is a must
  5. Do more of what you love
  6. Faith & meditation
  7. Distract yourself
  8. Rely on social support
  9. Have a big cause in your life
  10. Do good & help people

I am an Introvert, I have lived alone for years, actually, I prefer to stay alone. People like me are trained to cope with isolation and loneliness by both nature and experience. However, I have to confess: these days are still tough on me like it is on you, this is why I am writing this story to help you — and myself — by sharing practical tips and tricks I learned coping with loneliness throughout my life

“Living is a journey; living…

Listing some improvements i noticed in my personality after quitting my job and following my entrepreneurial dreams


+ Assumptions, Openness and Humbleness

A normal inevitable fate in Entrepreneurship is Failure, thus by time you will face the reality and will tell yourself; you were wrong many times, your assumptions were totally incorrect and you should have been more open to others feedback and advise, and also you should have been less arrogant

Looking back on my 3 year Entrepreneurial journey with many failures and some successes; i found i have experienced many of the lessons we usually read in books and entrepreneurship articles and learned new ones too


Is a shift to a different life, a life that is so interesting, fruitful…

Karim Ouda

Freelance Consultant — Data & Product. Writing about Data, Entrepreneurship and Life.

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