How Entrepreneurship changed Me

Listing some improvements i noticed in my personality after quitting my job and following my entrepreneurial dreams

Karim Ouda
2 min readJul 28, 2015


+ Assumptions, Openness and Humbleness

A normal inevitable fate in Entrepreneurship is Failure, thus by time you will face the reality and will tell yourself; you were wrong many times, your assumptions were totally incorrect and you should have been more open to others feedback and advise, and also you should have been less arrogant

It will also make you more open to new ideas and concepts

This is how i learned the hard way


+Risk Taking, Immunity to Failures

You will never succeed in Entrepreneurship if you didn’t trust your intuition, take risks and accept the consequences, after repeating this many times it will become a habit and a normal part of your life even in non-business situations


+Limits and Aspirations

In Entrepreneurship you learn to aim high, “the sky is the limit” is not an exaggeration, at the end Entrepreneurship is all about searching for something that no body did before and building it up from scratch and making it all happen

By time you will feel that nothing can stop you and that limits does not exist

Self Confidence

As a consequences of all the above and building on the pride -sometimes negative and harmful- of your Entrepreneurial successes, you get an inner energy boost which will reflect on all aspects of your life and will help through your setbacks


We usually don’t have the luxury of time to be lazy, we do things as quick as possible

More Social

Even if you are an introvert, Entrepreneurship will make you more social, and you will find great value in knowing new people ( fellow smart entrepreneurs and investors in the community )



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