How to write a good Quote ? a data-driven investigation …

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What makes a great Quote ?

For this research I used the python libraries SpaCy and NLTK to analyze the text and seaborn for charting. The dataset contains 1900+ quotes

Top Words & Topics

Let’s start by finding out what are the top words used in the Quotes

Top words (NOUNS) used in Quotes

Talk about People, Time & Life …

“Surround yourself with people who represent what you ultimately want to become”

Start words

Most of the quotes started with the following words

Top first words in all Quotes

Start the Quote with “The”, “If”, “I” or “We” …

“The purpose of life is not to be happy it is to be useful to be honorable to be compassionate to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well” Ralph Waldo Emerson

End Words

Quotes usually end with the following words

Top last words for all Quotes

Quotes usually ends with “It”, “You”, “Them” or the main topic of the Quote

“If you want something, anything, do the work and earn it”

Quote Length

How long should the Quote be ?

Number of words in top Quotes

Try to limit the number of words in your quote between 10 and 20

Patterns — Trigrams

Let’s find the most common 3 consecutive words in the Quotes ?

Top Tri-grams in Quotes

In your Quote, talk about people’s Needs and guide them to Action …

“The problem isn’t imperfection. It is inaction. All you have to do is anything.”

Patterns — Part of Speech

Can we find common linguistic patterns in Quotes ?

  1. Noun + Adposition + Determiner + Noun
  2. Verb + Adposition + Determiner + Noun

To Sum up, do the following to write a good Quote

  • Talk about People, Time & Life
  • Talks about needs
  • Motivate the reader by suggesting actions
  • Make it short, around 15 words



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