The X benefits of Travel

I used X intentionally since i am sure i will find more benefits in the future

A nice picture i took in my trip to San Francisco

(1) New Ideas

You will always get new ideas through observation and association of new things around you

(2) Creativity

You will be more creative since you will see things being done in a different way and will also do things in a different way, you will have new approaches to your future problems

(3) Knowledge & Experience

You will usually consume more stories and information in a foreign country, will be more understanding and accepting of other people and cultures, thus more experienced, knowledgeable and wise

(4) Resilience & Change

Being out of your comfort zone, you will be forced to be more flexible, tough, able to cope with uncertainty and lack of control, it is a good opportunity for change

(5) Think & Contemplate

You will have hours of free-time without Internet access and continuous interruptions, either on plane or train, in the airport, on the beach, a good opportunity to think about everything instead of consuming more information

(6) Relaxation, Distress & Happiness

Nothing will discharge you like a far away beautiful place with lots of unique sceneries and good weather, it is where relaxation, happiness and gratitude happens

(7) Language & Cultures

Will learn the basics of a new language and experience new cultures

(8) New Friends & Partners

You will meet new people, maybe some will be your friends, others may be you future business or life partners

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