Why I am “Still” a Muslim ?

Issam Madkouk / Getty Images — Muslims praying during the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca

“This is very hard, why am I doing that ? why am I still a Muslim ?”

Whenever I ask this question I found myself sticking hard to Islam which made me so curious to find out why …

The beginnings

Most people are born and raised on a specific religion and they usually stick to it. However, this was not my case

Islam in 1 minute

Islam is a religion, a system, and a way of life that is adhered to by 1.8 billion people from all over the world and growing rapidly. 50 countries are Muslim-majority countries mainly located in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Muslims speak more than 38 languages and have different ethnicities, cultures, and traditions.

Source: Wikipedia

My thought process

In the next sections, I will go through my thought process and analysis of Islam, what do I gain or lose by leaving Islam, challenges, mysteries, and observations. Finally, I will answer the main question: “Why I am still a Muslim”

Islam is Hard !

Being a Muslim is very hard these days, especially if you live in a western country. Islam has a lot of restrictions and rules as well as daily commitments like prayers. Besides, you might also get discriminated against for being a Muslim

Islam is an extremely advanced religion

Some people think of Islam as primitive teachings from 1400+ years ago, however, in this section, you will be surprised by how advanced, forward-thinking and supernatural the book of Islam — the Quran — is, this is actually one of the things which makes Muslims have so much conviction in their religion

Quran 41:53 in Arabic

It makes me a better person

Earlier I referred to Islam as a “system” which offers a life-guidance system that you can follow and live by, indeed Islam is a very practical and complex system which touches all aspects of your life, below I will show how Islam affects one’s behavior in many different ways

Good Manners


Islam commands people to wake up early, eat less, do prayers (physical + mindfulness) and clean their body 5 times a day. Islam wants you to be grateful and to do daily gratitude sessions, also to be strong and avoid harmful stuff like alcohol and smoking

Quran: the verse above but in Arabic

Motivation: Learning & leaving something behind

Charity & helping those in need

What do I gain by leaving Islam

Maybe losing some restrictions and commitments like: “praying every day 5 times”, “fasting for a whole month”, other restrictions such as not eating pork, not drinking …etc

What do I lose by leaving Islam

Thinking about this point was very revealing to me, I found that I am benefiting from Islam in many different ways

The Answer

Why I wrote this story ?

Since 9/11 many people around the world have been exposed to a distorted version of Islam, I have also met many people who have a very shallow understanding of it. I wrote this article to share my own experience and knowledge with the hope of increasing understanding and respect between people, cultures, and religions. People like shortcuts, I hope my story would serve as a quick capsule for you to understand Islam before you judge it



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