Why I think Upwork is a huge waste of Time — 2020 Review

19th-century drawing by David Livingstone.
  1. Upwork is optimized for Clients and not for Freelancers
  2. Upwork is biased against new Freelancers joining the platform
  3. You will need to invest so much time in an unfair competition with everyone, to earn cheap rates at the end — Rat Race
  4. There are many bad clients on Upwork
  5. Upwork is not optimized for EU, but could be a very good option for some Freelancers in low income countries

Looking back, I asked myself is it worth the many days wasted on submitting proposals and handling clients who are not serious or just plain jerks

If you want to switch your profile back to “public,” either start earning again, sign up for a Freelancer Plus Membership, or contact customer support



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Karim Ouda

Karim Ouda

Freelance Consultant — Data & Product. Writing about Data, Entrepreneurship and Life. https://karim.ouda.net