Practical tips to sleep well, learned the hard way …

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9 AM in the morning sleeping deep on my bed, suddenly the finest electronic music started playing by a pre-programmed application on my PC, high enough to wake-up everyone at home except me, my brother enters the room and walks towards my bed, he nudged me and said: “wake up … the party has just started” !

That was just one example of how bad my sleep was during my teenage years, in my 20s things didn’t improve much and I always had sleep problems at different levels, fast forward…

And why it is extremely hard to leave Islam …

Issam Madkouk / Getty Images — Muslims praying during the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca

The 23rd of May was the last day of the Arabic month of “Ramadan”. In that month I “fasted” from dawn to sunset for 30 consecutive days, and yes, not even water is allowed !

Islam is a tough religion to follow and sometimes you ask yourself…

“This is very hard, why am I doing that ? why am I still a Muslim ?”

Whenever I ask this question I found myself sticking hard to Islam which made me so curious to find out why …

I am a very…

Mental health advice from an introvert

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  1. Build positive habits
  2. Reduce negativity in your life
  3. Mindfulness, self-talk & optimism
  4. Health & fitness is a must
  5. Do more of what you love
  6. Faith & meditation
  7. Distract yourself
  8. Rely on social support
  9. Have a big cause in your life
  10. Do good & help people

I am an Introvert, I have lived alone for years, actually, I prefer to stay alone. People like me are trained to cope with isolation and loneliness by both nature and experience. However, I have to confess: these days are still tough on me like it is on you, this is why I am writing this story to help you — and myself — by sharing practical tips and tricks I learned coping with loneliness throughout my life

“Living is a journey; living is a struggle. People have everything and they still can’t do it, they struggle. We take ourselves too seriously. We think we’re somebody. Who the f — -? We’re nothing! We come from s — -, we think we’re special! Fame is s — -.” Mike Tyson

Build positive habits

There is so…

Analyzing quotes from top Medium articles

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Last month I decided to validate a new idea, these days there are many “modern” quotes out there however they don’t get enough coverage like historical ones, so, I decided to collect and aggregate them in one place which I called, in this website I collected 100s of “highlighted” sentences (Quotes) from top Medium articles on the internet.

Being a super curious data guy with such unique dataset at hand, I decided to find out why great quotes are great ? in other words

What makes a great Quote ?

For this research…

Sharing my recent experience on

19th-century drawing by David Livingstone.


  1. Upwork is optimized for Clients and not for Freelancers
  2. Upwork is biased against new Freelancers joining the platform
  3. You will need to invest so much time in an unfair competition with everyone, to earn cheap rates at the end — Rat Race
  4. There are many bad clients on Upwork
  5. Upwork is not optimized for EU, but could be a very good option for some Freelancers in low income countries

I will just go ahead and tell my story and with Upwork as it is, in a chronological order …

I signed-up for Upwork…

Creating an Index of “Customer-Friendly Countries” based on data from Google Maps

It all started in Brussels!

Brussels, Belgium - Aug 11, 2018. I was visiting the city for the first time as part of my long waited Euro tour, It was a sunny Saturday morning, I woke up, had my breakfast, and then went to a popular cafe to get my first cup of coffee and guess what … it was a horrible experience!

The staff were rude and inflexible, they had some stupid rules of what can and can’t be done, and add to that long waiting queues to get served. …

Lessons i learned the hard way throughout my 32 years in life. The points mentioned here are NOT rigid facts & rules to be applied in general, i believe that each case should be handled differently.

Updated: 31/12/2016


  1. Focus and specialize in one thing, give it all yourself. Multitasking is counter productive
  2. Move, Change and Improve. Get out of your comfort zone regularly, do something new, change your environment/routine/yourself — “It is only there when unexpected things happen”, finally accept criticism so you can improve faster
  3. Limits. Don’t let people define your limits and capabilities (what you can/can’t do), they…

Throughout my life I have never dealt with a visually impaired person, never had a friend who can’t see and never knew about their problems and how their life looks like. As a Computer Scientist i thought they definitely have enough support from technology since we are in 2015 and i used to see many graduation projects focused on helping blind people 10 years ago. Sadly, that was found to be untrue.

The Shock

This year I had my first experience with a Visually Impaired friend. She is a highly educated intellect. She is independent and can do everything by herself even…

Listing some improvements i noticed in my personality after quitting my job and following my entrepreneurial dreams


+ Assumptions, Openness and Humbleness

A normal inevitable fate in Entrepreneurship is Failure, thus by time you will face the reality and will tell yourself; you were wrong many times, your assumptions were totally incorrect and you should have been more open to others feedback and advise, and also you should have been less arrogant

It will also make you more open to new ideas and concepts

This is how i learned the hard way


+Risk Taking, Immunity to Failures

You will never succeed in Entrepreneurship if you didn’t trust your intuition, take risks and accept the consequences, after repeating this many times it will become a habit and a…

Looking back on my 3 year Entrepreneurial journey with many failures and some successes; i found i have experienced many of the lessons we usually read in books and entrepreneurship articles and learned new ones too

How it feels in Entrepreneurship


Is a shift to a different life, a life that is so interesting, fruitful, evolutionary, full of learning, growing and achievements

Entrepreneurship will make you a better person, will open new doors and opportunities, will give you access to places, resources, connections and smart passionate people whom you would have not probably met in another career

What it takes to be an Entrepreneur

No pain no Gain … one of the…

Karim Ouda

Freelance Consultant — Data & Product. Writing about Data, Entrepreneurship and Life.

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